From November 1st 2021, Twinfield will not support the current API connection anymore. Therefore we will switch to a new way of connecting with Twinfield. In another article we explained how to reconnect with Twinfield step by step.

Please see this article in which we explain step-by-step how to reconnect.

1. Why is it necessary to renew the connection with Twinfield?

The new way of connecting is safer:

- After the new connection has been established MFA can be activated. Up until now this has not been possible yet.
- Basecone does not save the Twinfield credentials anymore.
- Users are now able to withdraw the access to Basecone in Twinfield itself.

Also, the new way of connecting is technically more stable.

2. How much time do I have left to reconnect?
Users will have time to reconnect with Twinfield until October 31th 2021. We highly recommend not to wait until the last moment.

3. Can I continue working in Basecone if the synchronization user has not reconnected yet?
Yes, until October 31st 2021 this will not change. From October 31st 2021 onwards it is mandatory to reconnect to continue using Basecone in combination with Twinfield.

4. Will this new way of connecting also be the solution to Basecone users not being able to use MFA in combination with Twinfield earlier?
Yes, this new way of connecting will solve this. After the reconnection, MFA can be enabled. You will be able to activate this in Twinfield on a user level.

5. I am not able to reconnect with Twinfield, why is this?
Users need to keep the four items under 'Application access' selected; all four boxes should be checked. If the user forgets to click 'Yes, Allow' the settings will not be saved and therefore the connection will not be re-established. Please see this step-by-step article on reconnecting to Twinfield.

6. Why can't the Wolters Kluwer account be used to reconnect with Twinfield?
For now the decision has been made to connect by using the Twinfield credentials. We are investigating if we can use the Wolters Kluwer account for reconnecting in the future.

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