Clean cache in your browser
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Clear cache Google Chrome

  • Click on the three vertical black dots at the top right, a menu will open

  • Click More Tools

  • Then click on Clear Browsing data

  • A new small screen appears

  • Choose the period 'All'

  • Click the Clear browsing data button.

Clear cache in Mozilla Firefox

  • In Mozilla Firefox, choose Tools (Tools) from the menu

  • Select Clear Recent History (or via shortcut CTRL+SHFT+DEL)

  • Choose the time period you want to delete

  • Under the Details heading, choose Cache

  • Click the Clear Now button

Clear cache in Microsoft Edge

  • In Microsoft Edge, click on "Hub > History"

  • Select "Clear all history"

  • Check here "Cookies and saved website data" & "Cached data and files"

  • Click Erase (Delete)

Clear cache in Safari

  • Go to the Safari drop-down menu

  • Select Preferences

  • Click on 'Privacy'

  • Click on 'Manage website data'

  • Select one or more websites, then click Delete or Delete All

  • Click Done.

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