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List of all active users in the office

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You can request a Users Report to get information of all the active users in your office. If your office has many users in Basecone and you may have difficulty keeping track what access or permission users have, this may be a useful report to give you a better overview of the access and permissions all users have in Basecone. 

This report is created in an excel sheet and contains the following information:

  • Name

  • Username

  • EmailPrimary 

  • userroles

  • user accessible company

  • user accessible companycode

📌 This report will not contain information on deleted users.

If you wish to request for this report, please download the form below and return this signed by the Superuser of the office. For this report, a fee of GBP 75 excl. VAT will be charged. 

Click here to download an example of the users' report of what it will look like.

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