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Twinfield: Account code is mandatory

What does this error mean?

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"Account code is mandatory"

This error originates from Twinfield and can be for several reasons.

Would you like to check the following in Twinfield:

  • Step 1: Is the VAT code linked to an account code?

Check this via Settings -> Company setup -> VAT -> I 21% select and edit-> allocation rules -> account code filled in?

  • Step 2: Is the creditor/supplier linked to the supplier's system account?

Check this via Financial Professionals -> Dimensions -> Crediteuren -> (supplier at hand) -> tab 'other' -> general ledger account filled?

  • Step 3: Is the supplier's system account filled?

Check this via Settings -> Company Settings -> Company Settings -> system accounts -> accounts payable filled?

  • Also check whether the set ledger accounts are set to Active.

Check this via Reports > Reports > 'General ledger' view category > press arrow left from 'Line 1-10 of 20' > General ledger overview

If it still doesn't work after following these steps, please let us know which administration it concerns? Then we will perform a full synchronization.

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