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Twinfield: Why is my VAT code not showing in Basecone?
Twinfield: Why is my VAT code not showing in Basecone?

Invisible VAT code in Basecone / Missing short name of VAT code name in Twinfield

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It can happen that you created a VAT code in Twinfield, but it is not showing in Basecone. Control the following:

  • Is the correct date selected in the booking screen?

  • Is the name of the vat code not visible in the booking screen?

If you are able to select it, but the name of the VAT is not shown. This means that the short name of the VAT code is not filled in in Twinfield. Be aware that this is not a mandatory field in Twinfield. Follow the instructions below to control this. 

In Twinfield, go to the following settings: 

  • Company settings - VAT

  • Click on the VAT and then

  • Click on the edit icon on top of the page next to the VAT code name

After you click on edit, it will redirect you to the next page like the image below. On top of the page, it should show Edit the VAT code, not Edit VAT rate. 

Control what you have entered here in the Short name for this VAT code. Basecone is only able to synchronise this Short name and this is what will be visible in Basecone and in the booking screen.

Ensure that the correct VAT type is selected: Sales or Purchase.

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