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Document is delivered to the wrong company. What can I do?
Document is delivered to the wrong company. What can I do?

Read here how you can easily move a document to another company, you do not need to delete it!

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If a document is delivered or uploaded to the wrong company, the document can easily be moved to the correct company. Do not delete the document(s) because this will be stored in the archive of the incorrect company.

📌 Documents can only be moved if they do not have tag label.
See article How do I remove or change a tag label? if this is applicable.

Reject a wrong tag

If a document is tagged incorrectly, you can reject this booking screen or via the validation overview. The document will then return without a tag to invoices to be tagged. You can then move the document via the upload & tag screen.

Move document to another administration

If the document is in the wrong administration, you can easily move it. This is only possible if no tag has been assigned yet.

Select the documents you want to move and click on switch administration. Select the correct administration in the pop-up screen and click Apply. The document is now moved.​

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