In this article you will find more about:

  1. Pin code login for the Basecone app

  2. Resetting the pin code

  3. Face ID and Touch ID

1. Pin code login for Basecone app

In the Basecone app you have to set a pin code once, with which you can log in every time you open the app. This pin code consists of five digits, and you can set it up when you log in for the first time. Enter your Basecone username, password and office code. After confirming the PIN, it is saved.

After the app is closed or the user is inactive for more than 1 minute, the app will log out. After that, log in again with the PIN code.

2. Forgotten or want to reset your pin code

In the login screen, click on Forgot your PIN code?  It will ask for confirmation, if you agree click on Yes to confirm this action. This will log you out of the app and you can login again with your credentials. Hereafter you can create a new pin code for the app.

3. Face ID and Touch ID

Sign in securely with Face ID or Touch ID. This functionality can be turned on in the Basecone app via Settings > My App settings. Depending on your phone's settings (if supported), the Touch ID or Face ID option will be visible here. If necessary, consult the manual of your telephone.

  • Face ID is only available for iOS users

  • Touch ID is available for iOS and Android users

📌 This feature only works if this feature is available on your phone and activated on your phone.

Check this in the phone settings and if necessary consult the manual of your phone.

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