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Error messages in the Basecone app
Error messages in the Basecone app

The error messages you can receive in the Basecone app, with the cause and solution.

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Certain actions you want to perform can result in error messages. These error messages are described below including cause and solution.

Possible error messages:

1. Enter the correct login details

The login details are the same as those of the Basecone web application. Therefore, rule out the possibility of any typing errors, or check if the Caps Lock key is on. If you want to reset the password, this can be reset via the login screen of the Basecone web application.

2. No good network connection available. Please check your internet connection

The internet connection has (temporarily) failed or is turned-off, check whether you are connected with a Wi-Fi network or via 4G.

3. Something went wrong! Try to login again.

When a user logs in with the same credentials on a different devices, the user must log in again every time the app is opened on a subsequent device. The server automatically logs out the app on the first device, after logging in on the second device. This is built into the app for security reasons. You can easily create an extra user in Basecone, free of charge.

4. Something went wrong! Attention! Your document has been successfully uploaded. However, it was not possible to send the tag and/or comment. Contact your administrator.

When a user with only the role of Authorizer logs into the Basecone app and sends a document, they will see this message. With the Authorizer user role you cannot tag documents and/or send comments via the Basecone app.

Contact your accountant or Super user of your Basecone environment to ask them for an extra user role. The accountant or Super user can give you an extra user role: Restricted client user. With this user role you can send in a comment via the Basecone app.

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