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Twinfield: How to generate ID link for Twinfield?
Twinfield: How to generate ID link for Twinfield?

Steps to how to add an attachment to a booking by generating a new link using the custom tag

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Sometimes you want to swap and/or add an additional document to an existing invoice after an invoice has already been posted to Twinfield. Each document has a unique "document link". This URL link can be created in the archive of Basecone. With the new link, you can replace it with the current link in the transaction Twinfield. A link can only be created if the documents are in the following formats .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif, .tiff

📌 This is only possible if the transaction is still on provisional. If the transaction is finalised, it will not be possible to replace the link anymore. 

Below is a step-by-step plan on how you can best do this. If you do not need upload and/ or merge any documents – skip directly to step 5.

Steps to replace documents in Twinfield or create a new ID link:

  1. Download the invoice from the archive (the one that you previously booked)

  2. Upload the document back to Basecone

  3. Upload the 2nd page and/or attachments to Basecone 

  4. Merge the files together to form 1 document

  5. Select the document and press [CUST] tag and press ok (leaving the field empty)

  6. Go to the archive and select the document that has the tab CUST

  7. Click on [Document link] and then click on [Generate link] and press ok

  8. Click on [Copy ID] (the link will be copied and not copy link)

  9. Go to Twinfield and open the transaction 

  10. Delete the current link (it is the box underneath the supplier/customer name)

  11. Paste the new link that was copied in step 8

  12. Click on provisional to save the new link

Please double check if the link is saved, you can click on the icon to review the document.

* If the link is not copied at step 8, you can manually copy the information from the field and then paste this in Twinfield.

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