This error message means that the accounting system that the Basecone user is linked to is not connected to Twinfield anymore. And this will cause the user not able to book their invoice(s) from Basecone to Twinfield.

Follow the steps below to solve this error:

  1. Control first if the user can log in Twinfield using their login credentials;
  2. If the password is changed in Twinfield, click on Change credentials to enter the new password in Basecone;
  3. If the status remains the same, you can clear the connection by clicking on Delete credentials and then re-enter your Twinfield login credentials by clicking on Change credentials.

Are there multiple Basecone users connecting with your Twinfield login?

  • If you are not sure, control this for each user in Basecone when you go Settings - User - Action (edit) - tab Accounting system users.
  • If there are no other users connected to this Twinfield user, follow or repeat the instructions above. 
  • If yes, see below. 

If multiple Basecone users are connected to the same Twinfield user, this can cause your Twinfield account to be blocked. If your Twinfield password is changed, the new password must also be changed in Basecone for your own user and all other Basecone users who is connected to the same Twinfield user. If this is not changed on time, Basecone will continue to connect to Twinfield with the old and incorrect password and cause your Twinfield account to be blocked.

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