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Which quality is required to scan invoices and documents for Basecone?

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The support team often get questions about which scanner can best be used in combination with Basecone, and which quality is required to scan invoices and documents for use in Basecone.


Sometimes it can be more efficient if the scanner can e-mail the document(s) directly to Basecone, both wireless and via a wired network.

The scanner can save up to several email address of various companies and then you can immediately select and send a scan in the desired quality. The scanner has a paper feeder to scan multiple pages and the possibility to split documents on the online application if needed. The printer can scan in various qualities, both in color and black / white. The paper bin is large enough, and a second paper tray can be placed underneath. The printer works well with Windows and for Apple computers. The device can print, scan and fax. Of course, the price of the cartridges is also important.

Here are some of the following specifications to choose for a suitable scanner:

  • Affordable

  • Windows / Mac compatible

  • Paper feeder to scan multiple pages

  • Combination of scanning / printing / faxing

  • Connected to a wired and/or wireless network

  • E-mail function for scans

  • Possibility to create PDF documents

  • Manage and set up via a web page

  • Good quality, both black / white and color

  • Choose addresses in the display

  • Amount of paper in the paper bin

  • Price of the ink cartridges when refilling the printer

With the above mentioned specs you can also assess other multi-functionals.

An affordable separate scanner (without print or fax capabilities, but with paper feeder) is hardly available, at least if it also needs to be connected to the network. This kind of equipment is a lot more expensive than a multi-functional.

Scan quality 

Each scanner can provide sufficient resolution for a good scan. For invoices that are only processed once, a black / white scan of 200 dpi is sufficient. For documents that you later want to reproduce as close as possible to the original, for example for documents that you save with a Custom Tag without booking, we recommend a color scan of 300dpi. Usually it is a matter of trying out which resolution works for your scanner to provide you with the best result.

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