Assign authoriser(s) for before booking

In Basecone it is possible to work with authorisers. How can you best set up this process?

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Before you can work with the authorisation workflow, you must first create a user with the role authoriser and another user with the role authorisation administrator. These roles can be created by the super user in the user settings.

Assign a document for authorisation by a (restricted) client user

When a document is delivered by a user with the role (restricted) client user, the user can tag the document to indicate what type of document it is.

In the example below, the document is a purchase invoice, the (restricted) client user tags the document with the tag label PNV.

* Tag an invoice without selecting an authoriser *

Click on the image below to have a better understanding on my explanation. Select the invoice (1) and then select the tag label PNV (2). If you do not need to select an authoriser, you can click directly on confirm (5) on the far right of the page.

* Tag an invoice and select an authoriser *

If there is a predefined flow set up, you can select this on point 3 to automatically select the authoriser(s). Or you can manually select the authoriser(s) on point 4. After the authorisers are selected, click on confirm (5) on the far right of the page.

After the you determine the label of the document [PNV], the user can also assign a project and/or the cost center to the purchase invoice if this applicable to the company. After you tag the invoice, the project and the cost center will appear next to the tag label and you can select the project and/or the cost center and /or authoriser if needed and then confirm the tag.

Summary: The (restricted) client user can tag and assign all documents for authorisation in Basecone. In the middle panel, you can click on the filter to 'Show to be tagged documents' to control if you have any more documents for tagging. If the list is empty, there are no more documents for you manage for tagging.

Review document(s) as an authoriser

When an authoriser logs in to the online web application, the user will see a list of documents that are assigned to him/her for authorisation in the home-screen. If the user is linked to multiple roles, it is recommended to click on the filter 'Show to be authorised documents'. If the authoriser has access to multiple companies, the number of documents ready for authorisation for each company is indicated in the 'red ball' in the first panel. More explanation about this can be found in the article:  Authorise documents (before booking).

The authoriser can also add a comment to the invoice before it is authorised. You can only add a comment when you review the document one by one in the Home-screen. On the right side of the page, you will see a comment icon.
See our article: How to add and view a comment

Reject an invoice before booking

Before you can reject the invoice, it is mandatory to add a reason before you can reject the document:

When the document is rejected before booking, the invoice will return as to be tagged. Based on reason for rejection, the person who tags the invoices can assess what to do with the document.

When the document is authorised before booking:

  • The approval is recorded in the comment box and in the document timeline 

  • The document is ready for the Accountant and / or SME Accountant to book in Basecone.

Documents that are assigned for authorisation can either be approved or rejected by an authoriser. Basecone records all the history of the document under the document timeline and registers if it was either approved or rejected.

It is now possible to authorise, change authorisers and reject invoice in the updated Authorisation screen.

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