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Block and unblock payment settings
Block and Unblock Payments (of Invoices) in Exact
Block and Unblock Payments (of Invoices) in Exact

How to block your invoices from the payment batch and how to automatically release them for payment

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In order to use the feature payable after authorization, the following settings needs to be created in Exact Online:

The following setting must also be enabled in the company's setting in Basecone: Only make invoice payable after approval of Authorisers should be set to Yes.
You can enable this when you go to Settings - Company - Action (edit) - Workflow tab.

Then click the tab Specifications and scroll down the page to Block and release for payment.

The steps to process your invoice in Basecone:

  1. When booking an invoice, you can select the payment condition in the booking-proposal (for example 15 days) and then assign one or more authorisers.

  2. When booking the invoice to Exact Online, Basecone will initially set the invoice to payment method "cash".

  3. Because the cash payment method was initially selected in Exact Online, the posting is blocked for payment at that time.

  4. After all the authorisers have authorised the booking, Basecone will update the booking in Exact Online and change the payment method from "Cash" to "Electronic", with the selected payment condition in the booking proposal (for example 15 days). Then the booking will be available for payment (provided that the selected payment condition is selected on credit). 


  • It is not possible to change the company's setting Only make invoice payable after approval of Authorisers from Yes to No when there are still invoices waiting to be authorised.

  • When a booking is updated (after the autorisers have approved), the Exact Online user credential is used to link the transaction between Basecone and Exact.

  • When updating the transaction (after approval of all assigned authorisers) the credentials used are the credentials of the Basecone user that booked the invoice in the first place.

  • When it is not possible to update the booking in Exact Online, Basecone will send a notification e-mail to the user who has booked the invoice. This is to let the user know that a change has been made to the booking before the invoice was authorised.

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