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Synchronise data

Control the synchronisation status of a company (Only for Superuser)

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Basecone automatically transfers changes to your master data and to your accounting system - allowing the booking details to be available at the time of booking so that you can quickly access the VAT codes, ledger accounts, cost center relationship data, and other master data. Synchronisation of this data is done in the background and is automatically started when there are activities in Basecone or in the accounting system.

You can keep track of the synchronisation progress using the Synchronisation window in the menu. The function is only available to users with the role Super user. If there are any errors, you will be able to detect this per company.
You can manually start the synchronisation. This is only required if you urgently need a certain change in your master data, you cannot start the sync more than once per 15 minutes.

For each accounting system created in the office settings, a sync user is connected to it. Basecone uses the link of this user to retrieve data from the accounting system. Therefore, it is important that the user has sufficient access to your companies, users, and master files in your accounting system. The Superuser of your environment can has access and able to make any changes to this setting. 

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