Tag and select an authoriser

When tagging, you can immediately choose the authoriser who should approve an invoice

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If you have set-up the authorization module, for authorisation before posting, you can immediately choose an authoriser during tagging. This can be adjusted by a user with the user role authorisation administrator.

Extra option to suggest authorisers

When one or more users in a company have the role authoriser, an extra option will be displayed when tagging:

If the Select flow option is chosen, the user can select an authorization flow here. The default flow will be shown here, if it has been created (via settings > companies > action/edit > workflow). By clicking on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd authoriser, an authoriser or a custom order of authorisers can be selected for the invoice.

It's possible, in addition to the use of authorisers, cost centers and/or projects are also used in the company. The selection bar, when tagging, then contains all available options in Basecone.

It can be set-up per company, that choosing an authoriser or authorization flow is mandatory. Someone with the role of super user, authorization administrator, accountant or SME accountant can adjust this in the settings: Settings > companies > actions/edit > workflow.
Choosing a cost center or project is always optional. A maximum of 3 authorisers can be proposed per invoice. The proposed authorisers are presented with the document for approval in the chosen order.
After selecting the authorisers, you can confirm by clicking Confirm or by using the shortcut key combination Alt+Q.


Users, with roles able to deliver, post or manage can be created in Basecone completely free of charge. A user with the role of authoriser cost € 4.50 per month, per user, before VAT.

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