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Clearing cache and cookies on mobile phone
Clearing cache and cookies on mobile phone

This article gives you more information on how to delete the cache and cookies on your mobile phone

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A filled up cache and cookies can lead to problems when using mobile app. For instance, documents are not showing, not being able to take photo's or not being able to log on. Please read this article on how to solve this:

📌NOTE! Before deleting your cache and cookies, you need to secure the concepts within the app (by for instance taking screenshots). Any items not sent in to Basecone yet, will be lost when deleting cache and cookies.

For iOS

To clear your cache and cookies on the Iphone, go to your Iphone Settings > General > Iphone Storage. Following, you can scroll through the different apps and see how much data they take up.

For every app (visible by clicking on it) you have 2 options: "Offload app" and "Delete app". "Offload app" seems logic, but by doing this, you merely delete the app without data which is usefull when you have a lot of storage available. But in this case, you want to clear up some space, so please "delete app".
After you have done this, you can reinstall the app in the App Store.

For Android

To clear the cache and cookies of an app, go to your phone Settings > Apps > Manage apps > Basecone > Clear data > Clear Cache:

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