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Posting proposal Xero
Posting proposal Xero
In this article we will explain all fields of the posting proposal for Xero companies
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In this article we explain step by step how to fill the different fields of the posting proposal in Basecone. If you want to know more of the structure of the posting screen read this article.

The posting proposal

Invoice number

The invoice number is recognized from the invoice. Note: when Basecone suspects that you have posted an invoice before, a button will be shown that allows you to retrieve this suspected previous invoice and compare it to the invoice you want to post.

Amount (incl. VAT)

The total amount of the invoice, including VAT.


The currency in which the invoice was created and in which you want to post. The currency is taken from Xero.

Transaction date

This is the invoice date read from the invoice by Basecone.

Expiration date

Depending on the setting at the supplier level, the due date will be calculated automatically. Otherwise, a term of 30 days is used.

Credit invoice or credit note

If the invoice is a credit invoice or credit note, check this field.

Approved / To be paid

If the invoice has to be definitively posted in Xero, check this field.

Invoice description

The description of the invoice. In most cases you will have to enter this manually, or it will be retrieved automatically with a posting line. Use the copy button to the right of the field to copy the description to the first line of the invoice.

General ledger account

Choose here the ledger account from Xero to which you want to post the line of the invoice.


Choose here the article from Xero to which you want to post the line of the invoice.

Amount (excl. VAT)

The total amount of the invoice, excluding VAT.

VAT code

The VAT code with the VAT rate that applies to the invoice.

VAT amount

The calculated VAT amount based on the other amounts on the invoice and the selected VAT code. Click on the still closed lock next to the VAT amount to open it and unlock the inactive field for the calculated VAT amount, so you can manually adjust the VAT amount. With the calculator next to it you can have the VAT amount recalculated.


Per line it is possible to enter a description, you can choose from the standard labels or type your own text in this field.

After everything is entered correctly, you can post the invoice.

More information about posting invoices can be found on this page.

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