The functionalities of our Spenser app have now been added to our Basecone app.

You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play. After downloading you can log in immediately and start submitting.


  • New features

  • Mobile delivery

  • Start with the app

  • Create an item

  • Send an item

  • Bulk actions

  • Settings

New features

For our loyal Spenser users, a number of things have been improved in the delivery part of the Basecone app:

  • unified drafts and items shipped list

  • edit the documents gallery by adding or removing images and pdfs

  • clear error messages

  • it is easier to perform bulk actions

  • a new layout

  • add an unlimited number of documents to the archive

The Basecone app is Basecone's delivery app

With the Basecone app, you can take photos of receipts with your smartphone, or upload an image or PDF from your gallery, wherever and whenever you want. After taking pictures, add the details of the receipt and send the receipt directly to Basecone, this can be done easily, everywhere, and quickly with the Basecone app.

Start with the Basecone app

When you open the app, it will ask for your login details once. These are your current Basecone login details, you do need the role of Client User (to deliver) for this. You are automatically logged in with every subsequent visit. After this, you create a pin code once, with which you can log in every time. Finally, you can choose to log in to the Basecone app via biometric data, this can be done with a fingerprint (Android) or with facial recognition (iOS).

In the image below you see the start screen, where you choose your standard administration. If you also have the Authorizer role, the app opens from the Authorizer role and you need to click on Documents at the bottom of the screen to be able to upload from there.

If you have selected this, you will immediately be taken to the overview of documents. There you will see two headings, Drafts and Sent Items. Drafts contain saved items that have not yet been sent to Basecone, Sent items contain all items sent to Basecone.

If you have access to multiple administrations, you can switch between administrations with the house button at the top right. Per administration, you can see in the change administration menu how many documents are in draft.

Create an item

You can add an item in the app via the plus sign at the bottom right. Click on it and then indicate how you want to add an image:

  • Click on Camera to take a picture (for example of a receipt)

  • Click on Gallery to upload an already taken photo from your phone gallery

  • Click on PDF to upload a PDF file from your mobile device or from one of the cloud services, such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud for IOS users

When using the camera you take a photo, the Basecone app automatically places a grid around the image that is relevant. You can still crop or rotate the photo you have taken, or take several photos. When you have finished shooting, click Done.

After the photo is taken and selected, the app will automatically switch to the File Details screen. The payment method Business payment is selected by default, you can also fill in the following fields:

  • Description * - the default file name is Item creation date and time (change if necessary)

  • Tag - choose a tag (this is an optional field, you can also set a default tag in the app settings)

  • Comments - add a note (this is an optional field)

Click on the File icon at the top right to view the attached image(s).

Send an item

When all fields have been entered, you can send the invoice now or later.

  • Select Save to save the item and send it at a later time, or modify it if necessary (change or add image). The item is saved in the Drafts screen.

  • Choose to Send to send the invoice directly to Basecone. A progress bar will appear on the screen showing when the item has been sent to Basecone. This bar turns green on successful transmission with the text completed above it, you will also see an upload notification on your phone (depending on your phone settings). If something goes wrong during sending, the progress bar will remain red and you will see an error message on the screen, for example, that no attachments have been attached.

Bulk actions

In the Basecone app, you can perform bulk actions on all documents listed under Drafts. To do this, click on one of the items for longer than 1 second, then several options will appear:

  • a checkbox appears for each item, with which you can select a number of items

  • at the top right of the screen, the Select all button appears, allowing you to select all items in one click

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a trash can appear on the left, with which you can delete all selected items in one click

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a kite appear on the right, with which you can send all selected items to Basecone in one click


If you click on Settings at the bottom right (icon with two sliders) in the overview screen, you will enter the Settings menu. Here you have 5 options, at the top, you see the username with which you are logged in:

  • My administration settings: click here to set a default tag. This tag is applied for all new items to be created.

  • Security: click this to change your PIN code, and to enable or disable logging in via biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).

  • Support: Click here to view the articles on our Knowledge Base, read the best tips, and send a message to our Support department. You can also view previous conversations with our Support department here.

  • About the app: click here to view the current version of the Basecone app and read our privacy policy.

  • Log out: click here to log out of the app, the next time you log in to the app you will have to enter your office code, username, and password. You will first see a warning before you log out.

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