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Conversion is usually applicable to documents you stored with your previous service partner (for processing digital bills). Basecone is happy to perform the conversion for you. You can initiate this process by signing and sending the enclosed form request to Basecone at The conversion fee is GBP 150 excl. VAT.

We would like to ask you to please provide the documents according to the Basecone Delivery Instructions below. Please bear in mind that this request will take up to 10 working days when all information is successfully received by us. Thus, please follow the instructions carefully and as instructed to avoid any delay.

Basecone Delivery Instructions

Before we can perform a conversion, please follow the five steps below from A to D

Step A - Companies

The companies must exist in Twinfield before we can start a conversion and ensure that the companies also exist in Basecone. If this does not exist yet in Basecone, you can create a new company when you go to Settings – Companies and click on + Add company. When the company is created, do not import any documents to the company. If needed, a Basecone employee can help you to complete this step.

Step B – Users

  1. Create a new user in Basecone with the name Baseconeconversion

  2. Give this user the role – Client user

  3. The email address of this user must be:

  4. Please ensure this user has access to all the companies you want to convert

  5. There are no costs associated with creating this user

  6. Send a password reset link for this user to create a password

This user can be deleted after the conversion is complete.

Step C – Delivering your invoices

  1. Submit your documents according the instructions mentioned below for 'Create a folder structure for your PDF files'

  2. The purchase folder and sales folder may be named differently, but must be consistent for all the companies you provide. If you receive the files from your previous supplier, these folders may have a different name

  3. The company code must be the same as the company code in Twinfield

  4. Submit only files for the company that you added to Basecone in step A

  5. Submit your files only in PDF format. If you want to provide a different file format, please consult with Basecone Support first

  6. It can happen that you received some files from your previous supplier and these were not processed in Twinfield yet – in other words, these transactions do not exist in the company in Twinfield.  Please inform us if there are any documents that has not yet been processed, otherwise we will not be able to match the transaction number to the document.

Step D – Provide specification file

  1. Add an Excel spreadsheet that containing the following information per column. Each line contains a reference to a file you want to deliver, and any file is linked to a transaction in Twinfield:  a. Office codeb. Company code in Twinfieldc. Journal codes (such as PNV for Purchase and SLS for Sales)d. Transaction number in Twinfielde. Filename – Usually Free text field 1 or Free text field 3 if filled with your previous provider 

  2. The filename mentioned in the excel sheet must contain the same filename indicated in the folder in step C.1  Please control them before submitting us the excel sheet 

  3. Do not specify paths to file names, only the filename is sufficient

  4. Do not include references to filenames that cannot be found in the folder structure 

General comments and tips

  1. You can scan the documents yourself – but it is advisable to rename the filenames to the transaction number in Twinfield. Example: your file is renamed to 201700001.pdf 

  2. You can use the "Twinfield Analysis" plugin to create a spreadsheet that you can use as the basis for the files in step D. Use the Cube Ledger to easily retrieve the requested data from Twinfield and verify that you can also deliver all associated files. Click here for more information on how to use Twinfield Analysis at 

  3. During a conversion, all files are temporarily visible as new documents – do not do anything to them! Basecone will ensure that the documents are moved to your archive

  4. Your existing transactions in Twinfield may already have a link to your previous supplier's system. On behalf of Basecone, Twinfield will convert the links so that you can retrieve your documents from Basecone at any time. You can grant us permission to offer the files and make changes to your records in Twinfield

  5. In Twinfield, ensure that the Document Imaging settings are correct. Click here for more instructions.

  6. Ensure that Basecone has a contact person within your organization in case of any questions

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