Settings to retrieve invoices in Exact Online
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It might happen that the link to the document in the Basecone archive isn’t shown in the booking in Exact Online.
Before you can view the links, you must enable the external link via the screen settings in Exact Online. You can adjust the display settings by clicking in the right-hand top corner, in a booking, on the screwdriver and wrench in Exact Online and click on Customise (see image below).

The pop-up window will appear and you can select which fields you want view in the booking screen. Put a check mark at external link and click save.

Invoice visible in Exact Online

In Basecone you can deliver and process an invoice and book it towards Exact Online. The invoice will be stored in Basecone. When the invoice is booked towards Exact Online, Basecone sends by default a link via which you can view the invoice from the booking screen in Exact Online.

It is also possible to send the invoice itself to Exact Online so you can view the invoice in the booking screen of Exact Online. This can be configured in Basecone per company in the following way:

In Basecone, go to settingscompanies › select a company via actions (Edit) on the right hand side › go to folder settings › put send PDF of invoice with booking on yes.

Please pay attention to the followings:

  • When the setting is set to “no”, only the link will be sent. When it is set to “yes” both the link and PDF is send to Exact Online;

  • Exact Online has a maximum limit of 26mb per PDF-file. If you book an invoice bigger than this, a notification will appear in Basecone after the invoice is booked, but the PDF is not send;

  • The setting in Basecone “Send PDF of invoice with booking” is by default on “No”. This will need to be manually changed per company if needed.

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