When a company / environment is closed in Basecone, it is not possible to retrieve or open the documents in the archive of Basecone anymore.Ā 

Below is a summary of the possibilities on how you can save your documents:

  • You can download the documents from Basecone's archive yourself;

  • Request us for an export of documents from all the companies in the office;

  • Or you can keep the company active and continue to pay the current fee. You can then continue to retrieve the documents from the accounting system and in the archive in Basecone.

šŸ“Œ When the office is closed in Basecone, the links in Twinfield/ExactOnline/Xero will not work anymore. In other words, the direct link to open the document in Basecone is not active anymore.

If needed we can help download these documents for you. This request cost GBP 150 excl. VAT. If would like us to download these documents for you, please download the form and return this signed by the Superuser of the office.Ā 

The documents are downloaded in it's original form how it was uploaded to Basecone. If the document was uploaded as PDF, it will be downloaded as a PDF format. An excel sheet will also be included with the downloaded documents. The excel report will contain the following information:

  • Documentname

  • Company Code

  • Company Name

  • Basecone TagĀ 

  • Transaction Number

  • Original FileName

  • External IdentifierĀ 

  • Last Document Status

If you would like to see an example of the excel report, click here to download a copy of what's included with the downloaded documents.

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