Purchase Control is a software that gives you control over your purchase and inventory management. Purchase control can be used in Basecone with the following accounting systems: Twinfield, Exact Online and Xero.

The purchase order is first created in Purchase Control, click here for more details. 

When the purchase order is created, approved and sent to the supplier, the supplier can send their invoice by e-mail as an attachment to Basecone's unique email address.

Send invoice from Basecone to Purchase Control

After the accountant logs in to Basecone and tags the invoice as PNV, the data is automatically transferred to Purchase Control and the user who tagged the invoice will get an email from Purchase Control that the document is ready with a direct link.

The uploaded invoice is automatically matched to the purchase order that was created in Purchase Control. If the match is not recognized, this will need to be manually adjusted. Then the item(s) on the list will need to be manually controlled and matched as well. After the invoice is matched against the purchase order, it will then be sent for authorisation. After the request is approved, it will get a status Authorised, not posted.

The invoice will get in que to be posted to Twinfield. The user can click on the button export to Twinfield, then the invoice is posted as provisional to the accounting system with a booking number. And then the status of the document in Basecone is automatically updated to Booked by third party.

Archive of Basecone

When you search for this document in the archive, you will see the document with the status with an arrow-tray symbol. This means that the document was booked by a third party, in this case by Purchase Control.

When you click on the line to open the document in the archive, it will open the document details. In the documents details, you can only see the followings:

  • Document name or filename

  • Journal type

  • Booking number 

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Purchase Order no. to which it is matched

  • the amounts

You are not able to see in which supplier this is booked to, the amounts split per posting line and to which ledger. If you would like to see this information, you can view this directly in Purchase Control or in the accounting system.

If the documents are not updated in Basecone after they are processed, I would advise you to contact Purchase Control. 

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