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Twinfield: Performance type must be entered
Twinfield: Performance type must be entered

Error message relating to ICP / ICV VAT code

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This error indicates that the selected VAT code requires an additional fields (and mandatory) in the booking screen; goods or services and VAT NR.
In this case, there are no ICP / ICV VAT code setup in the company settings in Basecone. Therefore, the additional fields will not appear in the booking screen.

Company settings in Basecone

In Basecone, go to Settings - Company - Action (edit) - tab Settings and go to section VAT settings. Select the correct ICP / ICV VAT code in the field Sales ICP vatcodes and scroll down to save the settings.

The field Purchase ICP vatcodes should stay empty.

After the VAT code is saved, go to the booking screen and select that same VAT code. The additional fields will appear as follows: 

  • Choose the performance type: goods or service

  • Fill in the country code and the VAT number

When all fields are entered, you can now book the invoice.

Still getting an error?

If you are still getting an error and similar to the image below, this means that VAT settings is not correctly set up in Twinfield. Go to Settings - Company settings. Control both VAT and VAT group settings. 

  • Go to the settings of the VAT code and control which VAT group is selected in the allocation rules;

  • Go to the selected VAT group and control if the option is selected for ICT (Intra-Community Transactions).

Did this answer your question?

Did this answer your question?