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Twinfield: Oops! Something went wrong with this booking
Twinfield: Oops! Something went wrong with this booking

Error message relating to deferred costs

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When you spread costs in Basecone over different periods, you may receive the following error message:

Oops! Something went wrong with this booking. To prevent double transactions, first delete in Twinfield the following bookings with invoice no “...”

Why are you getting this error message?

Basecone will create several entries in Twinfield when you make a booking as deferred costs. Basecone will book the invoice as purchase, but will split the cost into several journal entries in Twinfield.
It can happen that something goes wrong when you make a deferred cost booking. When this happens, Basecone tries to revert the bookings and remove all entries from Twinfield. The reversal can (partially) fail. An error message will appear in the booking screen and manual adjustment is required.

What do you need to do?

The entries that are shown in the error message must be manually deleted in Twinfield. After you delete these transactions in Twinfield, you can make a new booking in Basecone.

This error message will disappear from the booking screen when you click on the cross X in the red bar.

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