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Error 400 bad request - how can this be solved?
Error 400 bad request - how can this be solved?

HTTP Error 400. The Size of the request headers is too long

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The 400 Bad Request Error is a message on your browser indicating that our server was unable to receive and process the request sent. This error can happen due to different reasons. Please follow the points below to solve this error.

  • Upload a smaller file

Are you uploading a large file directly to the application and then experienced this error? If yes, I would recommend to upload your documents in smaller sizes or batches and try again.

  • Control the URL link

Are there any mispellings in your URL link? Check if the URL link has any incorrect special characters. If our server receives an incorrect URL, it will most likely to cause a 400 Bad Request Error response. If you are unsure, copy and paste this URL link on your browser and / or replace your favourite page with this link: If the error message still appears, go to the next point to clear the browser cookies.

  • Clear cookies

One of the common cause of a 400 Bad Request Error is due to an invalid or duplicate local cookie. HTTP cookies are tiny pieces of data stored on your local device making visits to the website faster the next time. However, a cookie that stores session information about your particular user account or device could be conflicting with another session token from another user, giving one (or both of you) a 400 Bad Request Error. 

Cookies can be cleared in different ways depending on the browser you are using:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer Support until December 31st, 2020. From 2021 we recommend using a different browser.

More information about our cookie privacy, click here

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