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What are my login credentials in Basecone for BoekhoudGemak & Multivers?
What are my login credentials in Basecone for BoekhoudGemak & Multivers?

How do I connect my Basecone (user) with BoekhoudGemak & Multivers?

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At Portal gebruikersnaam (username) and the Portal wachtwoord (password) you insert the log-in credentials from Unit4/BoekhoudGemak. The Multivers gebruikersnaam (username) is often SYSTEEM and the Multivers wachtwoord (password) you leave empty:

Point 1: Portal gebruikersnaam and Portal wachtwoord

These are the log-in credentials you also use on this page:

When logging into Unit4/BoekhoudGemak, you do not need to fill in the section after @u4 for the Portal username. So you only fill in the part before @:

Point 2: Multivers gebruikersnaam and Multivers wachtwoord

These are the credentials when you log into the Unit4/BoekhoudGemak program. The username is often SYSTEM and the password is left blank:

To verify the above username, you can click on the menu in Unit4/BoekhoudGemak at the top left and then > Log out user. After logging out, click the menu again and then > Log-in user like the image below. You will then return to the user's login page as shown in the image above.

If that doesn't work either, please contact Unit4 to verify the details.

If you are still unable to log-in and you are sure that you have entered the correct details, reset your Unit4 password in Unit4/BoekhoudGemak and try again.

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