Use our Spenser app to take pictures of receipts, invoices and send them to your company in Basecone. It is also a great tool for you and your employees to create and send expense claims from anywhere and anytime. Get the Spenser app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. Login with your Basecone account and deliver your first invoice and / or expense claim!

Before submitting an expense claim, ensure the expense module is enabled for your user and the Spenser app settings are correctly setup. More explanations can be found here. A user should have their own login account before using Spenser with one of the user role mentioned below. With one of these user role, the user is able to submit a tag and/or comment. More explanation of the user roles, click here.

  • Client user

  • Restricted client user

This article will guide you step by step how your document to Basecone.

Log in and select a company

When logging in the app the first time, enter your login credentials and create a pincode for faster login. These are the same login details of your online Basecone account. When you enter the app, the selected company is shown on top of the list. The selected company is where the invoice or expense claim is send to. If you have access to multiple companies, tap on the name of the company to select another company. Ensure the correct company is selected here.

How to take a photo, upload a saved image or import a PDF file

Tap on the ➕ plus icon and three options will appear:

  • Camera – take an image using the app

  • Gallery – upload a saved image from your mobile 

  • PDF – import a PDF file saved on your mobile or from one of the cloud services such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud for IOS users.

Select one of the above options to add the file to Spenser.

If the quality of the image is poor after the picture is taken, tap on Cancel to take a new photo. If you are happy with the image, tap on Use selection. After the image is taken, the following options will appear: One item or Multiple items. One item is selected by default. Read more about the camera function here.

Next step, define if the item is going to be send as an invoice or as an expense claim.

  • The invoice module is used to send receipts / invoices that are paid or still needs to be paid from the business account. 

  • The expense module is used to create expense claims for reimbursement. The user can easily indicate the amount of the expense and to which bank account the money should be transferred to. This module is by default disabled and can be activated by a Super user on the online application. Click here to read how the expense module can be enabled.

Steps to upload an invoice (Business payment)

After the image is taken and selected, it switches to the screen Item details screen.
To upload the item as an invoice, choose the Payment method: Business payment. This option is selected by default if the expense module is not activated.

Complete the following fields (optional):

  • Description* - The default filename is Item date and time (change if needed)

  • Tag - choose a tag (optional field or set a default tag)

  • Comments - Add a message (optional field)

When ready, click on one of the followings:

  • SEND to send the item right away 

  • SAVE to save the item and send it at a later time or adjust if needed. The item is saved in the Pending - Assigned screen. 

Steps to create an expense claim (Private payment or Credit card)

After the image is taken and selected, it switches to the screen Item details screen.
To upload the item as an invoice, choose the Payment method: : Private payment or Credit card payment

📌 Before you can declare expenses, speak first to your Accountant or Super user. He/she will need to activate this setting before you can use this module.

Ensure the bank details are entered in the app settings under Settings - My details. Based on the selected payment method, this data is shown on the expense report and helps the accountant understand which type of payment it is.

After the payment method is selected, you can:

  • Create a new expense claim:
    Tap on Expense claim* (see image below) and type in the name of the new expense claim and tap on CREATE.

  • Add item to an existing expense claim:
    If the existing expense claim already exists, the name of the expense claim will appear in the list for selection. Tap on the expense name to select it.

After the expense claim is selected, complete the following fields:

  • Description* - The default filename is Item date and time (change if needed)

  • Currency* - select a currency (only possible with a new expense claim)

  • Amount (incl. VAT)* - enter the total value of the item

  • Category* - Select a category 

  • Date* - Select the date of the receipt

When all mandatory fields are entered, the options to send or save will turn blue and you can choose one of the followings:  

  • Send - to send the expense claim right away to Basecone 

  • Save and send later to save the expense claim and send it at a later time or adjust if needed. The expense claim is saved in the Pending - Assigned screen

Add a new item to an existing claim

If you have chosen to save the expense, you can manage it later through the menu Pending - ASSIGNED screen. Tap on the line to edit the expense claim.

In the example above the name of the expense claim is JULY 2019. When you tap on the pencil at the top right of the screen, you can change the name of the expense claim or select another payment method. If you tap on the Item on the expense claim, you can edit the description, amount, category and date.

To add more items to the expense claim, tap on the ➕ plus icon to upload an image. Or repeat the steps above by taking a photo or upload a saved image and add the item to an existing expense claim.

Handy tips

  • Special characters are not allowed in the field Description:  /  ?   *  <  >  | 

  • Special characters are not allowed in the field Expense claim:  /  ?  *  <  >  | 

  • The description and the report name should not contain more than 39 characters

  • To delete an item in the Pending status or Expense, swipe the item to the left 🡄 

  • To send an item in the Pending status, swipe the item to the right 🡆

  • If you only submit expense claims in GBP, set this as a default currency in the app when you go to Settings - My accounting settings - Currency.

  • If you only deliver purchase invoice, set this as a default tag in the app at Settings - My accounting settings - Tag. This skips an extra click.

  • When the item is ready, we advise to send it right away.

  • Only the last 25 items sent via the Spenser app are visible in the app. The complete archive is available on the web-application.

  • User must have the user role: (restricted) client user to send message and/or tag the items using the Spenser app

See the FAQ Spenser page

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