Incorrect booking

Read below what you can do to change a booking, if it has already been posted.

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As soon as a document has been booked via Basecone, there is a blue symbol with a lock in front of the document in the Archive, in Basecone, and the document can no longer be removed or modified.

There are 2 options to change the booking:

1. Reprocess

If required, you can reprocess the document in Basecone. To do this, first delete the entry in the linked accounting system. Then go back to Basecone and search for the right document in the company archive. In the archive, click the box next to the document. The "Download" button will appear at the top.
You can then save, re-upload and process the document via Basecone.

2. Change it in the accounting system

If you do not want to reprocess the document again, adjust the entry manually in the accounting system.

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