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Link a company to another accounting system
Link a company to another accounting system

Read here the information you need to bare in mind for this migration

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As a superuser of your own Basecone office, it is possible to change the connection of a company that is linked to a particular environment to another environment. Be aware that it is only possible to change the connection if it stays within the same accounting system (Twinfield to Twinfield) and do not change from one accounting system to another such as Exact Online to Twinfield. 

Only the Superuser of the Basecone office is allowed to change this, see our article: Change of company connection

Things to bare in mind before changing the company connection

  • Has the company already been transferred in the accounting system?

If the company needs to be transferred in the accounting system, this will need to be transferred first in the accounting system before you can change the company connection in Basecone.

  • Has the accounting system of the new environment been added?

If the accounting system of the new environment has not been created in Basecone yet, this will need to created first. This is important because we need to be able to link a company to the new accounting system environment. You can create this i the office settings when you go to Settings > Office > Accounting System and click on the blue icon Add accounting system.

  • Do not add the company yourself

Do not add the new company in Basecone. We cannot merge any company together, we are only able to transfer them. When you perform this change, it will automatically transfer the data from the old to the new environment. Hence, there will only be one active company in Basecone and only the accounting system connection is changed. 

  • Will the company code change?

The company code will not change. If the company code needs to be changed, please follow instructions in article: The companycode of a company is changed

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